Beauty Meets Entertainment: Salon Marketing & Publicity Product
The 10 minute information video filmed at Emiliani Beauty Expo

Dramatics NYC founder Rock and co-founder Ace created Dramatics NYC which combined hair fashion with entertainment. Read full article on Rock here >>


beauty meets entertainment

Learn strategies for press coverage, celebrity connections, community involvement, Platinum Pia awards, acquiring totally new clients, plus referrals, while building retention with prestige. Also, if you become a client of one of the three Video Film Web promo packages within two weeks of purchase, the total cost will be deducted!

  • How did Dramatics NYC become Manhattan’s most successful salon chain with 9 locations throughout NYC?

  • What are the three definitions of Beauty Meets Entertainment?

  • What does P.I.A. stand for?

  • What is the guiding and benevolent principle of P.I.A.?

  • How are movies key to the Beauty Meets Entertainment mission?

  • What is the connection of “Beauty Meets Entertainment” to the library?

    What is the entertainment of “Beauty Meets Entertainment?”

  • What role did Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts play in the development of “Beauty Meets Entertainment?”

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Watch the 10 minute video above that was filmed at Emiliani Beauty Expo and is featured in the official magazine "Emiliani Beauty Expo"

Time is running out, the competition is taking it to the next level with marketing and publicity...
...are you?



"Once in a lifetime a light bulb goes off that changes everything in an industry. The Beauty Meets Entertainment: Marketing and Publicity Product is that for the beauty industry..."

Time is running out, the competition is taking it to the next level with marketing and publicity...
...are you?







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Beauty Meets Entertainment: Marketing & Publicity Product is the result of over a decade of experimentation and development and continues to evolve as technology evolves and audience's tastes and habbits evolve. The only constant is change so it is important to have allies who have their finger on the pulse of salon marketing and publiicity.

To succeed in the salon industry you
need access to the control tower

By empowering youth in your community you will build good-will as well as will build your business while also helping to build a better economy.

Not being on the cutting edge is no longer an option because if you're not one step ahead of your salon competition they will crush you. Doesn't that make you feel nice and warm and fuzzy?!